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Written by on November 20, 2018

So where are you from? 

I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois, USA. But I currently reside in St Louis, MO, USA

 Tell us about how you got your start? 

When I was 19, I was able to save up enough money to buy the Numark battle pack. Came with 2 belt drive turntables and a small 2 channel mixer. I spent about a year in the bedroom practicing before I even played in public. And about 2 years before my first paid gig. 

 How did you get your stage name? 

Well, my real name is Chris Brown. Before the slightly more famous Chris Brown was even heard of, people called me Chris Brown. So, I wanted to stick with that name until recently. I started #ChrisHandsome on IG to make my posts easier to follow. (The name Chris Handsome is a play on the name Chris Hansen from an episode of the Boondocks animated TV show). It’s kind of started to stick.

 What is your Production/creative process? 

I pretty much go with the flow, wherever that may take me. I try not to force ideas. My general rule is if I have to try too hard to make an idea “work,” it probably wasn’t a good idea to begin with. 

 When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop? 

I actually am not a native hip hop head. My roots are in Reggae and Dancehall and old Chicago House music, of all things. But about 3 years into DJing I started to learn to scratch.  Hip hop is where scratching was born, so I had to play catch up!

Who’s in your Top 5 MCs of all time? 

My list is a little weird, but here goes. In no particular order.

Most Def





What local artist are you currently listening to you wish to educate us on? 

STL has a hip hop scene, but there’s only a few really coming in hot. The first to come to mind is Tef Poe. Look out for him!

Tell us about your first gig? 

My first gig was terrible. I got booked for my college’s homecoming dance. I had a shitty PC laptop and a massive lack of musical knowledge. All I knew was club music (hip hop) and reggae/dancehall and old house music. But the crowd was extremely diverse. People wanted to hear everything from country to swing music and I couldn’t accommodate. On top of that, my laptop crashed mid-song. People booed me until I got my laptop running again, only for it to crash later that evening. It was a rough night, but I learned so much!

What has been your favorite career moment? 

2014 ended in the dopest way. I had my first video featured on DJ City and I got to perform in the redbull 3style regional in front of 3k people. I was riding high for a solid month.

What are you doing to help change the current DJs are jukeboxes prospective/stigma 

People that book me know that there isn’t a jukebox in this world that can be compared to me. What you get from me is Live remixes, scratching, tone play and word play. Yes, requests are likely at an all time high, but most of the venues that I play at have patrons that trust the process and let me handle business.  

What more can we expect from you? 

Next year, I plan on hitting the battle circuit pretty hard. I’ll be entering most major battles. More me and more routines!


What do you want to be remembered for? 

I just want people to hear my shit and want to listen over and over again. That’s how I’ll live on in memory!


Facebook: @DJChrisBrown

Instagram: @DeeJayCHRISBROWN

Mixcloud: @deejaychrisbrown

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