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Written by on September 27, 2018

I used to try make stuff you think people would vibe to and that just wasn’t working. I read somewhere that if you make things you like, you’ll attract the right ears and I truly believe that. Everything you hear from me has a story, a message or a feel unique to a situation or time I have been in. Now that I’ve found my sound I experiment with it. – Sirpreme.

Meet Sirpreme. One of the hardest working names in Melbourne hip hop, producing tunes packed with smooth transitions and innovative beats designed to keep you dancing until long after you should’ve gone to bed. You’d be forgiven for not knowing his name just yet – but we’re placing bets that it won’t be long until he’s selling out shows across the country.

We took 5 to get to know the guy behind summer’s next big hits, destined to put Aussie hip hop on the world map.

Quick facts

Born: Queensland. Migrated down to big city Melbourne by way of New Zealand.

Favourite Movie: Scarface

Top 5 MCs: Eminem, Andre 3000, Mos Def, J. Cole, Schoolboy Q

What Do You Rep? My family, my last name and my day ones. I represent the things that matter in life: love, family and friends.

Currently Producing… for two artists. Hennessy and J. Alston.

Up at 5am for work (he’s a carpenter by day), only to set his tools down at 3pm and get spinning until 11pm at clubs around the city, it’s easy to see Sirpreme loves every second of what he does. But was it always what we wanted to be when he grew up?

Well, he never considered a music career of his own until seeing Schoolboy Q at Festival Hall. Jump to the purchase of two turntables and a mixer, countless hours of practicing and mixing before booking his first gig, and the rest they say, is history.

I was in the crowd with my sister and my girlfriend, and I looked at them both and said, I’m gonna be up there one day, I’m gonna start doing it again but properly.

Most would have laughed, but my sister and missus are such beautiful people that they said,

We have no doubt you will, go for it.

It’s been a wild ride since the decision that changed the course of his life two years ago. Since then his innovative sound has made some big waves – large enough to catch the attention of some impressive names working in the industry in Atlanta, USA, the home of bass-heavy beats and soulful sounds.

This is where he officially linked with J. Alston, who you can hear on Sirpreme’s track Chico.

Killing sets and showcasing his beats to CollQuic who’s a crazy producer and engineer well known in the Atlanta scene, Sirpreme was even lucky enough to do a session at BASS Recording Studio owned and run by urban legend KY.

KY is 2 Chainz’ sound engineer and has worked with the likes of Drake, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne and the list goes on… so he’s in pretty solid company.

Showcasing his beats to some of the most respected producers going ‘round and getting advice is something that will stay with him. One of the highlights?

That they were vibing with my beats telling me they were dope and to ensure they get to the right artists. He gave me tips on next steps to take and [what] direction to take. The entire trip was a dream and something I’ll never forget. Being immersed in that hip hop culture 24/7 was inspiring and made me hungrier to succeed.

After killing his time in the states, the Aussie producer is back and ready to change things up in the local Hip Hop scene. But where to start? His beliefs are pretty simple, but he thinks we still have a long way to go. Getting straight to the heart of things, he wants us to realise that

we have to start dropping egos and begin working together. Atlanta made me realise how far behind we are, but we have the right talent to move forward.

As for what’s next for this hometown hero? The sky’s the limit.

I want to help talented individuals get the recognition they deserve. I want to educate our listeners and our crowds at clubs and venues,

he says. But it’s not just about giving those deserving artists a step up, he’s all about wanting to help Aussie hip hop grow, flourish and become world known.

I want to be remembered as the humble, caring and passionate guy that I have always been.

Sirpremes chasing his dreams, and he’s making us all realise we should be doing that too.

Keep an eye out for him playing some of his favourite venues across the city in the coming months – Trill, Empire and Laundry Bar to name a few.


IG: @teamosirpremeo

FB: facebook.com/sirpremeteamentertainment

Soundcloud: SoundCloud.com/sirpremeteam

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1h1DIs0FWlUyjHZrhX0Mbr?si=49WEaH8RTdew9B1eBAmXRw

Written By Alyna Malyniak

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