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So where are you from.?

My country is a land of colors, snakes, and dirt. I am from India. I represent my reality, a belief system, a mindset, a change, a lifestyle. There is all sort of music out there today and for some reasons, people begin to perceive hip hop as something dark and anti-social. Something the kids should not listen to. Though the artists are being real, raw and honest (especially the independent artists) and sharing the reality of their life while keeping it as transparent as possible, I am just sharing my truth while keeping it as cool and as social as I can. I represent my Dark thoughts in a funky way with a deep message hidden inside the lines.

Tell us about how you got your start?

If I am getting the question right, then this interview is my start. This is the first time I am going to expose/share my vision/thoughts with the masses. I met Henry when I was studying at SAE and at that time he was working on his project (ice cream Sundays) I was in the studio recording vocals for one of my songs and then Henry walked in the studio asking me if this is my original song and gave me feedback on the track. I was amazed by his humbleness and honesty. That’s how we got in touch and months later when I had this song ready I contacted Him requesting if he can help me out providing me a platform for the premiere of the song.

How did you get your stage name?

Mandeep is my real name which in Hindi means “light of hearts” My parents gave that name to me after my brother, who passed away before I was born. I was thinking about my stage name when I started rhyming and I wanted to keep it real and cool while having my roots attached to it. I started to spend time studying my own self and my music and I figured out that whatever I do there is a deep motive behind it. There was a day when I was sharing my lyrics with one of my friends back home and he said “Yooo that is Man in Deep” and that triggered me. Man Deep came from there. This name reflects my reality while it is also attached to my roots and if I go making it big in the future, I will feel proud that I am making my brother and my parents proud.

What is your Production/writing process?

I have so many ways of delivering the emotions that I dive into. It often starts off with the thoughts that I write down as one word on a paper or a slate, then I sit on the piano looking for a melody that expresses that word as clear as the word itself and the entire track will be built around that melody. Sometimes its a chord progression in my head that I write the lyrics on and then the rest of the instrumentation takes place. Sometimes when someone says something to me that I may or may not like but there I go again. For example, the second verse of this first single came about when I was heading to Woolworths to buy some protein bars and there were two girls outside the entrance promoting some brand. I was in a rush and one of them said, “you on a mission”. I didn’t know if it was a statement she made or a question she asked? But that triggered me and the lyrics “I am rolling in the city and it feels like I’m Jason Bourne, I am the James Bond of browns” these lines came from that incident. But yeah, that is how I go while I’m writing and then I take care of the technical side of the song afterward.

You have a very unique Hip Hop sound for Australia tells how you found that pocket?

I am happy, the way my sound is right now but not quite satisfied. I believe in nonstop growth. I grew up listening to Linkin Park, Eminem, Vinnie Paz, and other similar artists. The way the band Linkin Park combines so many different sounds from different genres all together is something that I am really interested in. The storytelling and lyrical style of Eminem while the rhythm and grooves from Vinnie Paz. I guess I absorbed a little something from all these artists and came up with something that is turning out as Man Deep’s sound. From heavy distorted guitars to dreamy melodic verses while delivering straight to the face rhymes. I am really excited about the future and keen to deliver unique sounds for the listeners. 

Can you tell us about how your new single came about? 

When I moved to Melbourne almost two years ago. I experienced a real Hip Hop culture which was a very unique wave for me to ride. All the brother Emcees I met here were all very colorful. Almost everybody had tattoos, they drinking booze with all three meals a day, smoking pot before the vocal sessions and almost everybody is a playboy or gangster. Then I looked at myself and I found not even a single dot of ink on my skin, I’m loosing almost all my hairs, I don’t smoke cigarette, pot is far away, I am drinking milk while they getting high, has been single since the beginning of the time and never picked a gun and all these different variations that I came across, forced me to write something. It was a cool experience and I appreciate that they accepted me as a part of the community because of the skills that I have been crafting for almost a decade now. I felt separated because of the lifestyle I live is completely different but at the same time I feel so engaged with everybody because of the art that we all share in common and that is what the new single is about. It’s about who I am, where I am from, where I am at and how I am proudly unique but similar at the same time. Like a nice introduction song.

Any shows coming up?

I want to release a bunch of music before I start doing shows, so the next few months I will be releasing some singles and then I am planning to release an album next year. I believe I will be doing some opening acts for respected artists at the same time while I will be making my first studio album. 

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

I look at Hip Hop and Rap as two different elements of one genre. I started rapping when I was in grade 8 and the journey begins there. It was recently when I saw the big picture of the entire culture and I feel like I can’t be separated from it now at any cost. When I was just a kid I used to carry a second thought in my mind about giving up and self-doubts but now, it’s a one-way lane and A lot of love for HIP HOP.

Who’s in your Top 5 MCs of all time?

Bro! I love them all they all amazing and inspiring artists. I don’t have a top 5 but I do have a #1 for different skills required in music making and that goes like.. Vinnie Paz at the top of the list as an Emcee. Eminem shining at the top as the lyricist. All time winner Mike Shinoda as the Producer. Snak the ripper, Saline, Diabolic, Immortal Technique are all great legends we have today.

What local artist are you currently listening to?

I am not sure if they will be counted as locals anymore but “Rattling the Keys” by Hilltop Hoods got me exploring them and they are the ones I am studying recently. 

Tell us about your first gig?

It was back home when I was studying Bachelors of Animation and Multimedia. My college had a fest going on and I grouped up a band and we performed a couple of covers by Linkin Park, It went well in terms of performance but backstage people came to me telling me “ We didn’t understand a single word you said but it was pleasant to the ears”. I was like… okay cool, thanks. That all about my first gig. Before that, I have had been in those situations where the organizer of the event had to delay and eventually cancel my slot because the crowd was different and not many people demanding western music.

What has been your favorite career moment?

I have had a lot of them from studio recordings to meeting famous artists like 360 at the Base recording studio But nothing better than spending the entire night in a campus classroom rehearsing one song over and over again all by yourself while the worlds asleep and you stop just to see the sun rising through the right side window, all sweating and exhausted. That makes me feel alive when I know that there is nothing else left inside of me to give it to.

What are you doing to help change the current Aussie Hip-Hop prospective?

I am reaching out to other underground hip hop artists/rappers with an invitation to collaborate or if I can help them somehow with the skills that I have as a producer/engineer. I love meeting artists and more than that I love working with them. I will find myself of some value If I can make it a little bit easier on the financial side for any artist to get a record done.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered as a creative artist who was honest, wise and was a hard worker.







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