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    Author of 8 books. Seen at various spots online. Finance MBA. Hip Hop scholar. Batman loyalist. Wu-Tang disciple. Book reviewer.

    Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Christopher Pierznik. I was born and raised in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, about forty miles north and west of Philadelphia. I graduated from Pennridge High School in June of 1998 and enrolled at La Salle University the following autumn. I spent the school year learning, partying, making hip-hop music (badly), and flirting (badly) while my summers were filled with working manual labor. I majored in history and minored in communications. By May, 2002 I had my bachelor’s degree. And zero job prospects. After a summer in Portland, Oregon, I fell into a job in finance with the Philadelphia chapter of one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country. In the years since, I’ve obtained my MBA from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, have worked in finance at several different organizations in a variety of fields, started a family, and moved from my beloved Philadelphia to a northern New Jersey suburb, where I live in a beautiful house on a quiet street on a hill, a few train stops away from New York City.

    I had always had an aptitude for writing and research. English and history? Let’s do it. Calculus and chemistry? Let’s not.

    After college, I wrote three manuscripts – two novels and one collection of nonfiction autobiographical stories – all of which were pretty terrible. Literary agents at the time agreed with me. While enrolled in business school, I put writing to the side and thought I’d never return to it.

    By the late 2000’s, the internet was really becoming part of our daily lives and blogging was exploding. At that time, the hip-hop magazine XXLrevamped its website. Some of the best rap writers of the past twenty-five years worked there, either for the magazine or as separate bloggers, and they would interact with fans and readers in the comments section, particularly a small group of us that were regulars. This dynamic ultimately led to the editor-in-chief at the time to give us commenters a chance to guest blog, which I was lucky enough to do twice. They were not the greatest things I ever wrote, but they immediately reignited my love of writing.

    About a year later, at the start of 2010, I became a regular contributor to a Baltimore-based sports and pop culture website titled I Hate JJ Redick. For two-and-a-half years, I wrote an NBA column every Wednesday and a non-sports piece every Friday. I had complete freedom to write about whatever I wanted and was given a larger platform than I could have ever imagined. It was the greatest opportunity for a writer.

    I published my first book, The Hip-Hop 10, in May, 2012, a month before my daughter was born and two months before my final piece for IHJJR. Over the next three years, I penned guest posts for a variety of sites, including Business InsiderCuepointThe Cauldron, and The Musical Outcast, built a platform on Medium, and began distributing a monthly reading newsletter before ultimately launching this very site in 2015. I have also published nine books – one novelone collection of short stories, and seven works of nonfiction that range from pop culture to self-improvement. I believe I have a tenth – and hopefully more – in me, but right now I’m more focused on making this site as great as it can be.

    Here is some of the best stuff I’ve written the past few years.

    As I’ve said, take a look around. Please click on something you find interesting. I’m sure there’s something under this banner that will appeal to you. I’ve written about a variety of topics, including hip-hop, sports, books, television, movies, radio, media, comic books, business, personal finance, creativity, writing, parenthood, family, and human emotions ranging from love to happiness to sadness to loss to regret.

    That’s my story. Thanks for taking the time to read it and hopefully I’ll see you around this place again soon. If you want to get in touch in the meantime, just scroll up and click the button that says E-Mail on the right side of the screen.

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