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Michael Harbus James talks about the physical, emotional & mental battles he faces everyday as he attempts to recover from a long term back injury.

After living with pain everyday for 8 years, he has made several attempts at recovery. All have been unsuccessful to this date & he has been hospitalised 4 times.

As a public speaker, coach & blogger, his personal goals are two fold. 1. To be able to physically move with greater ease, travel, life a relatively ‘normal’ life & to live pain free.
2. To overcome the depression (that many people in society suffer), that arose after using such a great amount of energy in battling his long term chronic pain.

He has been unable to sit, lay down, shower, dress, cook, or even walk for more than 100 metres without great pain. For 8 years he has had to rely on people to do some of the most basic things for him. As you could imagine, this lack of independence, drastic change in lifestyle as well as physical pain has had a great impact on his life.

Michael would love to walk, run, swim, workout, cook & even play sports again, all pain free.

He inspires to live a rich & happy life that will see him contributing to his community, friends, family while honouring his life goals & acting to achieve them with great energy & passion.

His social (greater) goal is to help inspire those that are going through similar things. Whether they are feeling physical or emotional pain, or both! After loosing two very close friends to suicide, he is deeply motivated to help those that suffer from physical pain & depression.

What’s Happening Now?

He has started updating his face book account with daily thoughts, and emotions as he begins his road to recovery, yet again.

He is about to start a video blog that will capture footage of his rehab. This footage will also allow viewers into his world for a candid look into the life of a man working to over come great adversity.

Professional bio

Michael Harbus James has worked in both the corporate world & the arts. he worded has a sales manner of one the worlds largest companies, He has been able to combine his consultative leadership style & management expertise with his hands on musical experience. The result is a successful music management, composition & production business based in Melbourne Australia. See the link for more details. http://www.meridiannights.com

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