We got the chance to sit down with Manchester/UK born but raised locally in Perth but since 2011 has been calling Melbourne his home D Frizzle. I started making tunes around 2002. In the beginning, I would record my very primitive beatboxing noises and layer them to make whacky beats. I was also always scanning […]

So where are you from? South East In Melbourne Tell us about how you got your start? I started in 97, a mate of mine had decks and a bunch of records and showed me how to mix, I can’t remember when I got my turntables, but I do remember learning on belt drives. That […]

So where are you from? Sydney, Australia. Tell us about how you got your start? I’ve always been really drawn to music. I explored the history of hip-hop throughout my teenage years until the whole game started changing and the old school artists pitted themselves against the new school guys. i started digging the whole […]

So where are you from? I am from the north side of Wilmington, NC know as the 9Dime  Tell us about how you got your start?  I got my start from being the life of the party and always wanting to dance at parties and be the center of attention but the Djs never played […]

So where are you from? I was born in Canberra but moved to Innisfail, North Queensland when I was around 4 years old. I’m half Torres Strait Islander which is from my mothers’ side, and half white (Aussie) from my dads’ side. So just like Logic, I am also biracial. I will always rep Innisfail […]

So where are you from? GEKKZ: From Cairns born and raised. If you’re familiar with this city, have visited or stayed there before you’ll know how removed it is from the rest of Australia.  SEEKA: I’m a Torres Strait Islander living in Melbourne. I rep Far North Queensland to Melbourne. UNCLE RED: I was born […]

So where are you from.? (Nationality, Location, What do you rep) I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia at the age of 7, I grew up in Brisbane and Adelaide but now permanently based in Adelaide where there is such a diverse range of musicians and artists! Tell us about how you got […]

So where are you from.? (Nationality, Location, What do you rep) I was initially born in Pakistan, came to Australia when I was five years old, I rep Western Sydney. Tell us about how you got your start? I was never really into rapping until a girl I was with told me to get into […]

Allow me to introduce to you Hudson Taylor from the Melbourne rap group DRANK WATER.  Hudson Taylor is 21-year-old rapper/soul digger from Melbourne’s northern suburbs who started writing his own rap lyrics at the age of 14. Growing up in a strict Christian family, Taylor was only permitted to listen to Gospel music. “I wasn’t […]

So where are you from? I’m an Australian dj based in Sydney and don’t rep any crew I just represent myself  Tell us about how you got your start? I always had a major passion for music and soon as I had the spare money I jumped at the opportunity  What is your Production process […]

It’s the dream for many aspiring musicians–Playing for a well-known band in front of sold-out venues. If you are a drummer, guitarist, bass player, or singer and want to take your musical career to the next level, the next step is to join a band. Bands will often hold auditions to fill an open position. […]

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