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Written by on September 23, 2018

So where you from?
I was born in Northern Uganda to South Sudanese Parents, moved to Perth Western Australia but right now I’m staying in Brisbane. Despite being in Brisbane for about a year now, I am Perth in and out 6K represent. It is the City that made me and will forever be my city like Drake love Toronto, I LOVE PERTH.
Tell us about how you got your start?
Music has always been apart of my life from watching my late grandmother play traditional drums to my older cousins playing RnB and Rap music videos at home when I was a little kid. I started writing at a young age as a way of expressing myself but didn’t start recording until I linked up with my friends and fellow Perth rappers 506 and 4TI.
How did you get your stage name?
Every time someone ask me that question it always brings back great memories. I used to play soccer once upon a time and idolised Ronaldinho heavy so I used to call myself Gaminho until one of my older cousins told me “Nah you don’t play like Ronaldinho” because I was fit and had a lot of stamina, he said I played more like Ramirez and that my name should be Gamirez instead. Ever since then everyone started calling me Gamirez and I just stayed with it because I also liked Ramirez a Chelsea FC (Favourite Team) club legend.
What is your Production/writing process?
My production and writing process is very different from what most people are used to. I don’t set up to write one whole song and record it, my process includes continues brainstorming. Every single day when an idea pops up in my head I write it in my iPhone notepad, after a few weeks I have a whole bunch of ideas that don’t make sense but as soon as I make or hear a beat I like everything sort of piece itself together. I just jump in the booth and freestyle everything else and for some reasons everything just works out. Its weird but thats how I work.
Can you tell us about how your new single came about? 
I have a new single titled “LUV” coming out on the 27th of September. Its a UK garage inspired upbeat (Pop/rap) summer song, I am a fan of all music, hence my versatility on different beats. I was searching through Youtube for beats and as soon as I heard the beat I bought it, jumped in the booth and free-styled the entire song.
Any shows coming up?
I don’t have any major shows or tour coming up as of now because I’ve been so busy working on new music but after the next couple of release the team and I will definitely hit the road and share this good vibe with the rest of the Country on a small Nation-Wide Tour TBA.
When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?
I fell in love with Hip Hop before I spoke English, When I migrated to Australia in the early 2000s my older Cousins always played Hip Hop. From artist like DMX, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Nelly to Lil Wayne all they played in the house was Hip Hop. From the bouncy beats, flashy cars, designer clothes and video vixens I fell in love with the culture before I could understand what they were saying.
Who’s in your Top 5 MCs of all time?
This is a very tricky question with so many great artist out there. If I had to choose I’d be
1. Lil Wayne
2. DMX
3. J Cole
4. Pusha T
5. Drake
What local artists are you currently listening to?
This current time is a great time for local music, my Spotify playlist is full of local music. I listen to a lot of B Wise, Manu Crooks, Remi, Queen Sampa the Great, Anfa Rose, Blessed, Vic August, 506, Figuero Jones, Boy Scout Gatsby and of course the Melbourne home Hvncoq
Tell us about your first gig?
My first gig was a disaster not my behalf but the crowd that was there, It was an open Mic night in Perth on a Tuesday. I didn’t tell anyone about it, I thought it would be brave to perform in front of complete strangers. There were about 30 people there and I was the youngest one there by a long shot. I killed my set and had 10 middle aged white men and women stand up and dance to a genre they didn’t give 2 F*CKs about. It was an eye opener and a confidence booster and ever since I’ve killed every show I’ve performed at, from small bars to standing ovations at popular live music venues across Perth.
What has been your favourite career moment?
There’s been a lot of great moments since I’ve started on this Journey but my favourite moment to date has to be the day I went to pick up my first live show check at the Bird in Perth. When I went to pick up my check there was a guy at the bar that recognised me from the night before, he was so happy to see me that he had an absolute fan moment and started telling everyone he came with how amazing the show was. It was the very first time someone recognised me for my music and it was a great feeling.
What are you doing to help change the current Aussie Hip-Hop prospective/stigma?
I champion local music every chance I get, I want the culture to grow to a point where local musicians can hold their own and sell out all the beautiful arena’s we have in this Country. Their is a stigma that theirs no good Hip Hop in Australia, every time I play someone like Manu, Anfa to strangers they always tell me it can’t be Australian because its such a high quality track from production to the delivery. I believe the only way to push the culture is for local musicians to really focus on quality control and focus on putting out music that will change the culture and the way the outside World look at us.
What do you want to be remembered for?
I don’t feel like I’ve done enough to be answering that question as I’ve got a long way to go before my name holds weight. But when its all set and done I want to be remembered as a pioneer of new wave Australian music.

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