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Written by on October 8, 2018

So where you from? 

Currently located in Wollongong, New South Wales.

Originally from Western Sydney and come from Egyptian heritage.

Tell us about how you got your start?

I used to write my own songs to old Kanye, Kendrick etc beats just to practice and get some content out early on. Those were artists I was listening to at the time and usually your early stuff tends to mirror that of what you’re listening to.

I did that until I taught myself how to produce, and from there I started making my own content which was the main goal.

How did you get your stage name?

Kid Pharaoh comes from my Egyptian heritage.

I originally went by Lil Pharaoh at the very start, but quickly realised how bad it was and changed it after about 2 songs.

What is your production/writing process?

Since I produce all my own work, I usually start off with the beats.

I go through a phase of producing a bunch of beats until something that feels special enough comes about and then write to it from there.

That can vary and a certain melody or lyric idea can come first and then I build the beat around that, but things usually work out naturally for the best.

Can you tell us about how your new single came about? 

The last 2 singles I released, “Jesus Looks Like Me” & “Falling from the Sky”, are from my upcoming album Modern Revelations.

Falling from the Sky came from working with my guitarist friend Lachlan and producing something that sounded like nothing I’ve done before and just going all out on producing something organic and full of instrumentation from guitar solos to pads & synths.

Jesus Looks Like Me on the other hand was a real quick beat I made that turned out to be super hard, and I thought it’d compliment it well to talk about something controversial and polarising on it to make it a real flooring experience for the audience. It definitely got the job done.

Any shows coming up?

Playing here in my hometown Wollongong at the Yours & Owls Festival on the 30th of September.

That’ll be my first festival appearance so I’ve got some special things planned for that one.

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?


I was about 7 and I heard Jesus Walks by Kanye for the first time, that was all it took.

Who’s in your Top 5 MCs of all time?

I always have to break these kind of lists up into two.

If we’re talking Top 5 MC for rapping ability, it goes something like Nas, André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z & Kanye.

But if we’re talking my personal Top 5 artists, Kanye’s always #1 then it goes something like Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott & J. Cole.

What local artist are you currently listening to?

Genesis Owusu has some of the most creative output in the country right now, not to mention one of the best live sets too.

Sampa the Great is doing huge things internationally and her music has always been incredible.

Tell us about your first gig?

I was 17 and underage when I did my first gig in Sydney at a club called World Bar (don’t tell them).

Performed a bunch of songs from the first mixtape I put out and forgot a lot of words, had no idea what I was doing but learnt a lot and used that to improve from there.

What has been your favourite career moment?

I think this year as a whole so far has gone so quickly that it feels like a moment in itself.

The success of “Jesus Looks Like Me” led to getting supports acts for international artists & festival spots which are things I’ve wanted to do since I started, so Jesus Looks Like Me as a single and all the things that came with it would definitely be a career high moment.


What are you doing to help change the current Aussie Hip-Hop prospective/stigma?

I feel like both the Egyptian and Arabic community within Australian Hip Hop has been very underrepresented, maybe even not represented at all.

That’s a void I’ve tried to fill within the last couple of years and is something I strive to continue doing.

In terms of an Aussie Hip Hop stigma, I think a lot of new artists, myself included, are making music inspired and influenced by international sounds rather than boxing themselves into what people think is an “Aussie” Hip Hop sound, mainly from the fact that we didn’t grow up listening to much Aussie Hip Hop.

Location shouldn’t be a barrier to creativity, we’re just Australians making Hip Hop and not making “Aussie” Hip Hop.

What more can we expect from you?

New album coming out on the 21st of September with a few visuals coming from the album very closely after that.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as an artist that had his hands in everything from production to directing, never made the same sounding project twice and represented his people unapologetically.


Website – https://kidpharaoh.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheKidPharaoh/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thekidpharaoh/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheKidPharaoh

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