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Written by on October 18, 2018

Since dropping the fire track The Bad Guy back in May, Sydney-based rapper Swiftboi has been creating a buzz in the Aussie music scene, whether we’re ready or not. 

We caught up with Swiftboi in the lead up to the release of her sophomore album HECTOPLASM to find out all about the rapper that’s forging her own way and taking the Unearthed scene by storm.

Rocking a look that could be described as like Uma Thurman circa her Pulp Fiction era, Swiftboi oozes confidence and when you throw on her tracks her quick and honest lyrics hit you hard. But she always believed that rappers were meant to be honest, 

I thought that’s what a rapper was… I thought that was their job description.

And she’s been totally honest from a young age, knowing what she wanted to do with her life and going after it – even if that meant running away from home. Then one day she found herself learning how to freestyle on the streets of Melbourne from her two American friends, Sharks and Taye, and ran with it. 

But the Swiftboi we know now began to find her way when she was taken in by the woman who helped create her stage name. 

The name SwiftBoi comes from a good friend of mine I consider my mother named Grace. I was homeless, and she took me in and gave me a home and she used to put “Boi” on the end of everything…I’ve always been SwiftBoi, I’d always get told off for talking fast, walking fast, it’s just my thing. I feel like I’ve been standing around waiting for people to catch up my whole life.

And it seems like we’re all catching up to what she’s been throwing down.

She’s the type of artist the industry isn’t used to. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an artist genuinely do their own thing, stay true to themselves and get national airplay, but that’s exactly what she’s doing. 

Since the release of her debut album HONEY TRAP in March of last year, Swiftboi has been blazing a trail ever since. Now working on her follow up album HECTOPLASM with producer Big Jordy, she says that while her first album was more about freestyling, this one’s a lot more thought out. There’s no real process to it though, because 

some songs fall out, some songs take months. I just feel it out… I’m not scared of trying out or mixing any sounds or techniques, I’ll spit on whatever.

Like a few Aussie MCs, she’s also getting inspiration from the Jazz scene and everything it brings, going on to say 

I’m drawn to live instruments and band sounds at the moment…his beats (Big Jordy’s) just make me wanna dance. I love dancing and I wanna make the bitches dance!

You can hear those big Jazz-inspired sounds all throughout The Bad Guy, and she knew she was onto a winner the moment those first intro beats started playing. Jumping on to the track straight away because 

I lost my shit when I first heard this beat aye! I fucking love it. It was already so perfectly structured it was very easy to write to.

Even though the writing process was simple enough for this track, the release of the track was delayed longer than she’d like.

Having recorded The Bad Guy all the way back in January, she sat on it for months, with a plan to release it much later in the year, if at all. Pressures from the industry started to get in her head, explaining that she 

was going to try and go in a much softer direction because I had all these brands wanting to dress me…but something in me just snapped and I released it one day when I was pissed off and then boom I’m suddenly on Body Bag Media’s SoundCloud and getting played on JJJ!

That day was when she knew she had to stop holding back. She realised it was all about doing what was right for herself, and not for others around her because she 

didn’t have to be softer for other people and it was ok to write how I always wanted to because people would be able to get it finally. 

Since that moment of realisation, she knows that “the best is yet to come”. Basically, Swiftboi is here to do what she wants and tell her own stories, because stories told by other rappers aren’t inspiring to her. When asked about her top 5 MCs of all time, she answers with the honesty she’s fast becoming famous for, saying 

I don’t really idolise rappers…like, I started writing songs because of Eminem  I could really relate to brain damage and rock bottom. I also love Nas obviously, I used to listen to quite a lot of Tupac when I first fell for hip-hop and Eve.  But neither Nas or Tupac has ever influenced my writing  their stories are nothing like mine. I don’t really look up to or idolise any rapper…they’re just humans.

She’s always here to support their music though, throwing her support behind local MCs adding that the 

only rapper who I ever heard and I noticed I stepped up with my flow as a rapper instantly was HUSKii… and also Wombat is a gun.

From her start on the streets of Melbourne, Swiftboi has come a long way. Now representing Sydney, she’s got a lot planned for her ride into the Aussie music industry. For the moment though, her focus is on being true to herself and “just doing me. I just wanna raise the bar a bit with the overall quality of product with the bars and the visuals”, and for the meantime she’s just stoked people get to hear The Bad Guy on national radio.

Be sure to check out a Swiftboi show before she blows up -she’s playing a show on November 17 at Hustle and Flow Bar with DJ Skae and Tame Moses, with an album launch coming up soon. 

Written By Alyna Malyniak


Instagram: @swiftboi11




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