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Written by on October 13, 2020

So where are you from.? (Nationality, Location, What do you rep)

I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia at the age of 7, I grew up in Brisbane and Adelaide but now permanently based in Adelaide where there is such a diverse range of musicians and artists!

Tell us about how you got your start?

I’ve always been into the music scene, from the church choir, school choirs, community events to any opportunity given to me. 

I only recently started writing my songs and creating my music to express myself and spread good vibes in my way.

How did you get your stage name?

I was coming up with a stage name I wanted it to be something easy to say and catchy in a sense. My first name is Ropafadzo, and I go by Ropa, so I wanted it to be different, I don’t think many people can take Adz out of Ropafadzo instantly, so I thought it was perfect! I also really liked the concept of being a muse for art and referred to myself as a muse for my music, and that’s how Adz The Muse came to be! I would say that Adz The Muse is an alter ego.

What is your Production/writing process?

Sometimes I just randomly come up with phrases, and they sound perfect for including in a song, I like to incorporate my feelings and experiences and try to tell a story or get the point across.

After I have a phrase, I like to get started on the actual music and beats that could go with it, even when I don’t have all the lyrics ready, it’s easier to get an idea of where I’d like the whole song to go afterwards. 

Once the music is made, I then write the rest of the lyrics and record. Due to COVID, many of the local recording studios are not open, so I have been recording in my bedroom’s comfort, which has resulted in some extra sound, but I do look forward to recording professionally shortly.

You have a unique Hip Hop sound for Australia tells how you found that pocket?

Many of my singing experience and training are more classical and lean towards pop, so I wanted to incorporate all the genres and create my sound. My biggest inspiration is IAMDDB as she has her sound and unique style that can fall in several different genres.

Can you tell us about how your new single came about? 

PLT almost came about accidentally as it was more of a list of daily affirmations I wanted to set up for myself, but once I got started, it all just came together. 

In the end, I just wanted to write a song that would encourage other girls and individuals to speak positively of themselves. I have to admit it was quite uncomfortable speaking of myself with such confidence and very empowering at the same time.

Any shows coming up?

Depending on how everything works out, I have some local festivals planned for next year and any events that may come up. Stay tuned!

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop?

Since an early age, I’ve loved Hip-Hop and can remember times where I’d sneak my tablet to my room past my bedtime to watch music videos and read lyrics. I love Hip-Hop because it has a way of conveying important messages in such a creative way.

Who’s in your Top 5 MCs of all time?

These are rappers that got me hooked, 

2pac, Lupe Fiasco Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa.

What local artist are you currently listening to?

I have been listening to some local artists, including Elsy Wameyo, OC3ANEYES, DeCoda s and Akeim Takamura. I think they’re all so unique and create such fantastic music, and I even have a playlist on repeat with all their music.

Tell us about your first gig?

My first gig was actually on a youth stage at a community festival back in year 12, and I thought it went so horribly and vowed never to sing again. The next Sunday I was back at church singing in the choir. I look back now, and I’m happy it happened, it was the first of many, and I received some great feedback which I still use and remember to this day.

What has been your favourite career moment?

Apart from this fantastic opportunity?! I’ll have to think about it. Although I have since removed my previous songs from stores and Triple J Unearthed, my favourite moment was seeing my name and song on the unearthed charts. I always check to see who is trending and like to listen to some local music, one day I just saw my name on it, and I couldn’t believe it, I checked it every day that week to make sure it was my name.

What are you doing to help change the current Aussie Hip-Hop prospective/stigma?

I think many stigmas and negativity surround Hip-Hop in Australia. Still, it is apparent that there aren’t many female artists, and it isn’t perceived as a genre for women either. I want to contribute to changing that perception. I also feel as though I am contributing towards proving the point that hip-hop is not a genre of negativity through using it to convey positive messages.

What more can we expect from you?

I hope to get more personal and experimental with my sound in my next songs. I have many different concepts I’d like to try out in the future, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them! 

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for pushing others to see their potential and seeing themselves positively. That might be the Psychology student in me, however, but I believe that artists and musicians have the power to influence people entirely with their work, and I hope I can contribute to that.

What are you doing in Isolation/Lockdown to stay active & motivated? 

I’ve been working on some music projects and artwork for covers to stay active and motivated in isolation. During this period, one of my goals was to get my social media presence up, so I have been working on content to put out as well. I’m General I’ve found that setting up a daily schedule has been very helpful during this time to keep me motivated and on top of everything.

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