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We got the chance to sit down with Manchester/UK born but raised locally in Perth but since 2011 has been calling Melbourne his home D Frizzle. I started making tunes around 2002. In the beginning, I would record my very primitive beatboxing noises and layer them to make whacky beats. I was also always scanning […]

So where are you from? GEKKZ: From Cairns born and raised. If you’re familiar with this city, have visited or stayed there before you’ll know how removed it is from the rest of Australia.  SEEKA: I’m a Torres Strait Islander living in Melbourne. I rep Far North Queensland to Melbourne. UNCLE RED: I was born […]

So where are you from.? (Nationality, Location, What do you rep) I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia at the age of 7, I grew up in Brisbane and Adelaide but now permanently based in Adelaide where there is such a diverse range of musicians and artists! Tell us about how you got […]

So where are you from.? (Nationality, Location, What do you rep) I was initially born in Pakistan, came to Australia when I was five years old, I rep Western Sydney. Tell us about how you got your start? I was never really into rapping until a girl I was with told me to get into […]

For some time Xeus has been making a name for him self in the local scene. Weather its his involvement in weekly club night or tours Xeus is on the rise & his run is only beginning. Enter the visually captivating new single “Gold Chains”– featuring none other that Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah Animated Video by Jamaru Digital. […]

  Perhaps the greatest by product of hip-hop’s rise to a global entity has been seeing how different people from different locales put their own unique spin on it. It’s as if this music that started in the Bronx and traveled across the country, and then the world, was inhaled by fans and artists across […]

A brand new summer anthem with a funky bass-line & Hip-Hop vibes. Withdrawals comes after Vic August’s smash single Bandit which got about 700,000 streams on Spotify alone. This NT representative is hailed as the future & it looks bright for this young teen. You can pre-order the forthcoming EP Truths here. STREAM WITHDRAWALS HERE Brought to you by WVS Directed by SoundKid […]

My whole thing is making music that conveys all the emotions and helps people understand it’s okay to be sad, or scared, or whatever it may be, and just being able to confront those feelings and not shy away from them. Sometimes, you hear a tune that just hits you, with a hook or a […]

Since dropping the fire track The Bad Guy back in May, Sydney-based rapper Swiftboi has been creating a buzz in the Aussie music scene, whether we’re ready or not.  We caught up with Swiftboi in the lead up to the release of her sophomore album HECTOPLASM to find out all about the rapper that’s forging her own way and taking the Unearthed scene by storm. Rocking a look that could be described as like Uma Thurman […]

Hot off the drop of his latest track, the Entelechy produced Haiku (Poor Little Humpty), we got in touch with Mister Defron, the 20 something veteran emcee who spits out rhymes with an intensity and passion that’s hard to find.  But first, the quick facts. Born & Raised? In Melbourne, aka Hell’s Freezer. I first […]

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